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Freestanding Tension Fabric Lightbox

  • 160mm Double sided extrusion
  • 2mm High quality aluminium
  • Strong corner supports
  • Any size requirement
  • Available in 3 colours from stock
  • Strong easy to attach feet
  • For use with backlit silicone edge graphics
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Product info

Our freestanding tension fabric light box uses silicone edge graphics for amazing super vivid backlit visuals. Using our own specially designed 160mm aluminium extrusion we produce all of our freestanding fabric light boxes in-house. This enables us to have full control over quality and design.

What type of lighting do you offer?

We only used tried and tested branded LED modules from Osram and Samsing in our tension fabric light boxes. This gives us up to 5 years warranty and 50,000 hours of fault free usage.

The types of lighting we use are edge lighting or back lighting. So whats the difference? And what are the benefits?

Edge Light Fabric Light box:

Edge lighting is where we place LED’s around the perimeter of the fabric lightbox (usually the 2 longest edges). This is great for light boxes that need to be shipped as the framework can be made part assembled ready ship and assemble on-site. There are limitations with edge lighting as the LED’s are place on the edges of the light box there is maximum distance that the light can travel and keep the brightness uniform (We recommend no larger distance on the shortest edge of 3000mm). Over a certain size dark spot may be slightly visible to the center of the graphic where the opposing lights are not quite reaching each other to there maximum. This can also be exaggerated depending on the design of the graphic. If you have a busy full colour graphic the effect may not be noticeable, or very slight. If your image has a lot of white areas with no print then this is where imperfections with the light source become more noticeable.

For use with Silicone Edge Graphics.



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