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Silicone Edge Graphics

  • Finished with 14mm standard silicone
  • Super HD print on EFI Fabrivu Printer
  • Perfect fit every time
  • Backlit or Non Lit options.
  • Suitable for Tension Fabric Frames
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Product info

Silicone Edge Graphics – For insertion into tension fabric systems / aluminium extrusions for silicone edge.

Our silicone edge graphics are finished with a 14mm x 3mm industry standard silicone strip which is stitched to the perimeter of the graphic allowing it to be inserted into the extrusion of the frame.

What are SEG – Silicone edge graphics?

SEG is short for Silicone Edge Graphics, these are printed fabric graphics with a thin 14mm silicone beading sewn around the edges that fits easily into a tension fabric frame aka TFS System.

The silicone beading fits into a recessed groove around the perimeter of the tension frame to tension up the fabric which makes it completely smooth. The result is a slimline frameless appearance that enhances the look and feel of branding.

SEG Fabric displays are currently the top choice of big name brands for large format signage applications in retail environments. The super smooth finish and luxury look of printed fabric brings images to life, but without the hassle and struggle of rigid signage such as PVC foamex or Dibond. Silicone Edge Graphics are currently being used by big modern retailers such as H&M, Nike, Apple, Under Armour and GAP and Adidas.

Depending on whether the SEG fabric is going to be lit from behind (backlit) and displayed in a Lightbox or displayed in a traditional front lit frame will determine how the graphic is printed and the type of fabric that should be used. For lighbox backlit applications then choose our backlit fabric options of for front lit applications we have either our standard display fabric option or our black backed blockout fabric options.

Non-lit front lit SEG fabric is printed onto a knitted fabric material with a standard ink saturation. If a light source is placed behind a knit fabric graphic it will appear washed out. It is important to know if the graphic will be backlit or non-lit before ordering your fabric.

Backlit SEG fabric is printed onto a coated reverse, heavier more dense fabric material allowing for proper light diffusion. We also use a higher ink saturation so the image will appear darker until it is installed in a Lightbox and lit up.

How to order the correct size graphics.

We have our own formula to produce SEG graphics for tension fabric frames. We always need the physical frame size when you are ordering your fabric prints and we will do the rest. **DO NOT TRY TO MEASURE THE GRAPHICS INCLUDING THE SILICONE EDGE – THIS CAN CAUSE SIZING ISSUES**


Measure the frame edge to edge like the below which is 300mm.

SEG Silicone Edge Graphic Measure

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